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The 4K televisions are taking over the market, but in all cases it is not worth it to do with one of these new screens, so it is convenient to understand the differences between the two technologies.

From a little, 4K TVs are filling the shop windows that make the place definitely to the full HD that was ruling until recently. It is a limited technology of the new, with little less than a year of having become really affordable for the average citizen and they became the de facto standard and standard for manufacturers when it comes to selling Looking for a generational leap .

In any case, beyond what manufacturers are looking to project, buyers are often asked the same question. Posts that have to pay the high cost of such a technology punter, most of the pieces of the pictures are the real differences between the Ultra HD, the technology that thanks to the enthusiasm of the manufacturers is now much better known as 4K.

Posts to find differences between 4K and Full HD, it is clear that the first and main is the resolution. And is that even more plasma are left in the market, and the OLED has always tried to get hollow, most Full HD LCD sony screens, so in terms of technology are not very different from 4K, except for the number of pixels Sausages on a single screen.

4k vs hd


It may surprise many to know that, despite the greater number of pixels, most 4K TVs usually have pixel densities similar to what we find on most popular Full HD TVs. The reason for this is simple, manufacturers used to limit themselves to the size of Full HD screens because the larger the screen should also be larger the pixel.

What is described in the previous paragraph leads to another of the fundamental differences between Full HD TVs and Ultra HD. 4K screens are usually larger. In fact, most small 4K displays are usually the average size of the larger 1080p TVs. And is that with a greater number of pixels manufacturers have been able to cover more surface without worrying about loss of quality, but as I said, that translates into a pixel density similar to the average of previous Full HD TVs which on average were more little ones.

4K tabla

Especially important when choosing a resolution or the other is where it is going to be located. While it is true that 4K TVs for their higher resolution can offer a significant increase in quality and image, it must be borne in mind that the greater the distance between the viewer and the screen, the less noticeable is the increase in quality. It is so that if you have a small room and observe the screen less than 10 meters the 4K is a great alternative for you, but with greater distances is not worth the extra expense.

Finally, you should always keep in mind that as important as the screen are the media that you are going to play on it. If most of your library or service providers do not have any 4K content, then you should not even consider getting one of these screens, because although you will notice higher image quality, it will not really be important as it will still be 1080p video Scaled.

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